28 June 2015

Sorry for neglecting you.........

Morning Guys

I know I've been neglecting my blog recently but I do have good reason, My Mother in law passed away which was a huge shock to us all and as you can imagine looking after Hubby and Kids came first.

I did for a couple of weeks lose my crafting mojo (along with my taste buds) but worry not I found it :)

Yesterday I took delivery of the CWC festive chalkboard Christmas kit, stamps, and cards. I know it's only June but as a crafter Christmas has to start early as there are so many things to make. I will be spending a few hours creating today and hope to be able to post some pictures on my facebook page this evening. https://www.facebook.com/where.the.craft.is

I can't leave you without sharing a picture, I made this wall plaque for my husband for our 12th Anniversary in December. It was made using a watercolor canvas board, ink pads and stamps, stencils and texture paste.  I struggled to find a verse that said what I wanted it to so raided my collection and used a selection and stamped them in a range of colours which highlight the different fonts.

I'm off for now to get crafty T x

14 June 2015

Purple Butterflies

I was asked a while ago to make a 50th birthday card and gift card and when I asked the lady about style and colours the brief I got was purple and butterflies, I asked for more and the lady said she loved my work and did't want to impede my creative flair

After searching through my crafty stash I was horrified to find I had nothing that was suitable..... okay maybe I did but dont tell my husband, I really wanted to buy the Velvet plum collection form Craftwork cards and after having sent a small fortune recently needed an excuse and hey presto this was it.

First off I made a matchbox style box and decorated and lined it in coordinating papers, I then made a card to go inside which will hold tickets to a show and a meal invite.

I decided on a pop up box card but wanted a BIG one and boy is this big, it's made using 2 A4 sheets of card, this then posed a problem when it came to envelopes but I had an idea

I found a piece of thick brown kraft paper and decided to make my own, I used some swirly stamps and a couple of butterflies to stamp on the front with a clear versamark ink pad and then embossed them with a purple pearlesent embossing powder.

I am very happy with the finished result, now what should I make next???  T x

11 June 2015

Hedgehog bookfold - Tutorial 5

Bookfolded hedgehog


Paperback book of at least 150 numbered pages
googly eyes

The first step is to remove the cover of your book, both front  and back

Next take the top right corner and fold it diagonally to the spine of the book as shown below

Make sure your fold is crisp, you can use a bone folder or just a finger

Next fold the rest of the page in towards the spine, again making sure it's crisp...it's a bit like making a paper aeroplane

Now repeat at least 74 more times, you will see your hedgehog start to take shape 

Once you've completed the folding check to see if it looks full enough, if not fold a few more pages.  If you have spare pages left they will need to be removed, I did this using a craft knife.

Now you are free to decorate yours in any style that suits you.

Why not have a try at making your own and sending me a picture via my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/where.the.craft.is

T x

Hedgehog Bookfolding

It's almost the weekend, I can not wait for a lie in and some crafting time, I've been busy this week tidying the garden and just haven't had much time for crafting :(

I thought I'd share with you what I got up to last week;  I was asked some time ago to go along to our local girl guides and run a crafting workshop, after I got over feeling like I'd be out of my depth I said yes and set about thinking of what to do, 12 girls, and hour and a half and me, now what would work? A million ideas later I decided that a simple bookfold would good and what better than a hedgehog.

I thought it best to take some sample with me of what they can look like to inspire the girls, here's my little hedgehog family

The girls at guides were fab, we had a giggle, I managed to show them some other skills like how to create a rolled paper rose, the only blooper of the night was when 2 girls had a glue explosion, thankfully it wasn't my glue, it was one that the leader had given them to use, lol

Here are some pictures of what they created

One of the girls finished before the others and decided that she would turn her hedgehog into a bookend;

I really enjoyed myself as did the girls and I have been asked to go back in December to do some Christmas crafts.  I will pop a quick tutorial up on how to create the hedgehog later this evening. 

T x