18 March 2019

3 Ways with -Altenew's Watercolor Brush Markers

Hey Crafty friends, today's "3 Ways with" is all about using Altenew's Watercolor Brush Markers to create different background effects.
I love to put products to the test and find new ways to stretch their use in my crafty arsenal. I am going to show 3 fun ways to create backgrounds using household items, I have even recorded myself in action (my video's are by no means professional), I wanted you to be able to see how easy each technique was, so here goes;

Marbling with Shaving foam

Have you ever tired to Marble with a watercolor brush marker? It's fun and easy to do.  My tip here is to use the cheapest shaving foam you can find and have everything set out ready to use.  If you marble onto a smooth/glossy paper then you achieve a brighter image as the paper doesn't suck in the colour and mute it. 

I kept this card simple, Rose Gold embossing powder and Vellum, nothing else was needed.

Bubble Background

Do you remember being a kid and blowing bubbles in juice or milkshake with a straw? Well it turns out the adult version of this is to create bubbly backgrounds with washing up liquid, water and watercolour brush markers.

I added a floral heart frame die cut with I covered with Rose Gold embossing powder and added a heat embossing sentiment.  This is a really fun craft activity you could try with the kids at the weekend.

Salty Cells

Now, you may have seen a few of my cards recently where I have created watercolor backgrounds, my trick is to tape your watercolor card to a wooden board as this prevents warping. The next tip is to use chunky sea salt onto the wet surface, this sucks up the water and creates cells and patterns.

Dont throw the salt away, it can be used in shaker cards!!!

After the background was dry, I placed a piece of scratch paper over the top and used a craft iron to remove the clear embossing powder, brilliant when you want a resist but dont want the shine.  I then heat embossed the detail layers of the wild fern in rose gold, into the negative space.

Phew, that felt like a mammoth post, but I wanted to give you some fun and creative ways to get more from your watercolor markers.

Here's the links to products used in today's post;

***My links to Altenew products are affiliate links, this means that I get a small commission from Altenew for each purchase made, this does not cost you any more, however it helps me be able to create more content and share inspiration.  I truly appreciate any purchase made using my links.***

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you'll try these techniques out and share your results via social media.


  1. FABULOUS tutorial and demo!! I love seeing that you continue to grow as an Educator, Terri! Your card samples are absolutely beautiful! Bravo!

  2. Great cards, great techniques and great new color set! Thank you!

  3. Hard to go wrong with your color combos --- so pretty! Loved the info on the salty cells though --- that's new to me and something I want to try. Thanks!

  4. Beautiful cards. Really good ideas for using these markers. Thanks for sharing your art.🐧

  5. Very cool techniques. I live that color. I have done marbling with shaving foam before, but not with watercolors. Your cards look fantastic and pretty.


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