21 January 2019

3 Ways with - Embossing 3 ways with Altenew's Sunburst stencil

Hi everyone, welcome to the second instalment of  "3 Ways with". 

Today I am focusing on ways to emboss with stencils, I have chosen to use the Sunburst stencil from Altenew as it works for all occasions.

We all know that stencils can be used to ink through but I like to get as much from a product as I can by stretching it's use. So today I'll be embossing 3 ways.

Embossing Paste

First up is Embossing with embossing paste.  I like to use a clear embossing paste and colour it myself using items from my craft room.  For this card I used some very fine glitter along with the clear paste. I just mix it up on a glass mat with a palette knife and then spread it through the stencil.

You could use spray inks, mica powder or ink from an ink pad to colour the embossing paste. I also spread some of the glittery paste onto some white card and let it dry, I then cut the sentiment from it to create a cohesive look.

N.B You could use texture gel, soft relief paste or another medium to try this technique.

Dry Embossing

Dry embossing work in the same way as embossing folders, the fibres of the paper/card get stretched as you pass the project through your die cutting machine.  To dry emboss with a stencil you will need the correct plates for your machine and also a embossing mat, sometimes called a tan mat.

N.B if you don't have an embossing mat don't worry, you can use some craft foam for this technique.

Another little tip here is those cute splatters in the background, they have been embossed too. I flicked some water at the card (yes that's right you can emboss with water) and sprinkled some embossing powder on top before heat setting.

Embossing Powder

Embossing powder and stencils, who would have thought? I know I didn't invent this technique but I love it so much I had to share it with you.

I secured the stencil to the card using washi tape, I then take an embossing ink and pounce/dab it all over the surface making sure to get in the negative space of the stencil. I then used a combination of 3 metallic embossing powders to create this super cool look. 

N.B keep any of the remaining mix of embossing powders in a little screw top pot to use another time.

The products I used today are listed below

One last tip - When securing your card and stencil add some low tack/ washi tape to the reverse of the card and onto the stencil, this holds everything more securely than putting the tape on the front. When removing the tape pull at a 90 degree angle to minimise tearing of your card stock. If it's causing you any problems, gently heat with a heat gun to loosen the tackiness.

That's all from me today, See you again soon.

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  1. These techniques are fun to do. I have tried them all. Thank you for sharing.


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