05 April 2017

World Craft Week Day 3..........perfectly flawed

Well today is day 3 of world craft week and I thought it would be a good idea to talk about mistakes and how everything can be rescued somehow.

At the weekend I sat down to create a piece of art and was really looking forward to seeing the vision in my head come to life on paper.  I decided I wanted to use some of my visible Image stamps along with my Faber Castell Gelatos to create and face surrounded by flowers.

I grabbed the following stamps

and started to create my masterpiece...........

It quickly became apparent that I wasn't achieving what I had planned and I needed to save it somehow (I hate to throw anything away or give up on a project)

This is what I created

I cut the face away from the centre of my page to create a floral frame and then tore the eyes from the face (these were the best  2 piece)  I decided to go with the Perfectly flawed sentiment as it seemed to fit my happy little accident.

I am actually happier with my finished piece than I think I would have been with my original idea.

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