20 April 2016

My stand at the Craft4Crafters Exhibition

Hi there, today has been a busy day but a really super one. After dropping the girls to school I headed to the Bath and West showground to set up my stand ready for 3 days of crafting fun, and maybe a little shopping too.

Just before all the traders started setting up I caught a picture from my stand over looking the hall

Not long after there were traders, boxes and lots of crafting goodies starting to arrive, it was hard to stay focused and not go and rummage through boxes but I had to get my stand looking good.

Here are a few of my display items, all of which I have made

Here's how it's looking so far. I still have a few items to take along to put out tomorrow and some table cloths to add to my workshop area.

I will try to get out and about from behind my stall and see some of the wonderful items available to buy and display pieces.  I will post more photos soon.

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  1. It was great to meet you on Saturday, unfortunately I didn't get back to do a workshop. I am very intrigued with the bookfolding, and will go and get some books and see what I can create. I looked into creating patterns using Photoshop, and it is something I will have to sit and play around with! Yeah, another potential craft to add to my ever growing list!!


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