20 November 2015

Folk it! - Spotlight post

Happy Friday lovely people,

Well it's been a busy old week here, creating projects, taking photos and blogging so I've taken a moment to relax and look back through some of my past makes and reflect on my achievements.

For this post I am going to focus on my crafting with folk it! products.

About a year ago I was sat flicking through the TV schedule for create and craft and noticed a show called Folk it and as you can imagine I had no idea what it was all about so cup of tea in hand I settled down and watched.

As it happens folk it are a small company who specialize in painting kits that enable anyone (yes, really anyone) to paint stunning folk art pictures.  Carol demonstrated how easy it was to create little roses on a wooden heart with a dotting tool, no brush required!  I couldn't believe it, Straight away I got on the phone and ordered the kit and from that moment I was hooked.

Here is a picture of my first Folk it Project;

All those little roses were created with two dots of paint and a little swirl movement.

Since buying the starter kit I have brought 5 further kits, some of which use a paintbrush but don't panic; each kit come with a DVD and booklet with step by step instructions. Here are a few of the creations so far;

I'm still learning and improving my skills, sometimes I make mistakes and want to through the project away but I keep them to look back on and then appreciate how far I've come since.

If you have ever wanted to try painting for relaxation or decorative purpose then this is for you.

I love my Folk it kits and sometimes have to stop myself folking everything in my house as it is addictive but hey would a good addiction to have!

I hope you'll give it a go, Folk it have a fantastic Facebook page with lots of pictures so if your tempted why now have a look there and see what you could create.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

T x


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