19 October 2015

Bee Happy.....Tutorial number 8

Bee happy....

As you know by now Craftworks cards are my all time favorite paper craft company, when the potting shed II kit was released I couln't wait to get crafting with it.  Once I saw the Bee topper I had to use it, I love the muted tones and earthy feel, so here's a tutorial of how I made this lovely card.


Bee topper - CWC
Brown card stock - CWC
6x6 Card blank - CWC
Bee paper - CWC
Candi - CWC
Sentiment - CWC
plant labels - CWC
Hi Tack Glue - doCrafts
Clear Glossy Finish - Anitas 
Promarker - Letraset
Candi fix - CWC
scissors - xcut
scalpel - Swann Morton
glitter pen - Sakura
cutting mat - The Works
Twine - Garden center/craft store

I start by placing a 5x5" mat of brown paper on to my 6x6 card using the Hi Tack glue making sure that it sits square as all other pieces will be place using this as a marker.

Next I cut a square of bee paper to 5.7/8" x 5.7/8" and "gut" the center, this means removing an amount of paper that wont be seen, I hate to waste paper and I know I will be using this on another project. This is attached using the glue.

I then glue a piece of brown paper over the bee paper so I have a nice border

Now for the topper, I wrap twine around the topper and tie a knot at the front, the topper is scalloped so it sits tightly in the notches but if you were doing this with a straight edged topper I would secure it with tape at the back.

Next I glue the topper to the card and add some glitter to the heater using the Sakura pen

Next I added 2 plant labels and a sentiment using the Candi fix pads

Now for the Candi, I placed a yellow candi in the corners of the center of the image using the candi fix and glazing them using the glossy finish

I then added white candi to the outer corners and colored them using a promarker, colour is called "shale" I also glazed them as well.

And here is the finished card. It's hard to show the glossy accents and glitter but hopefully the picture below will give you a better look....

Thats all for now, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and look forward to sharing another project with you soon Tx

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