04 May 2015

Tick Tock....tutorial 2

Tick tock, time for a new clock

This weekend I decided I would take the plunge and use the clock mechanism I brought a couple of weeks ago.

Well this is how it went...

I collected some basic equipment;

Chipboard/MDF shape
Clock mechanism and hands from ebay
1 piece of printer paper
Embellishments from craftwork cards more than words collection


·         Draw around your clock blank on the printer paper

  •          Find the center of the clock
  •          Measure the longest hand of the clock
  •          Use the compass to draw a circle on the piece of paper with a radius the same length as the       clock hand you just measured
  •          Now you need to find where each hour will sit, I did this by marking 12,3,6,9 and drawing a      cross over the circle
  •          I then marked at 30 degree intervals using a protractor, again I marked the lines on the circle      all the way to the edge of the paper, as this will help us to place the clock numbers later

·         Next I made a hole in the center of the clock base for where the clock mechanism will go

  •   I covered the clock with adhesive, you can use wet glue or strong double sided tape
  • Then place the chosen papers on the clock base, firm them down and allow to dry
  •  Turn the clock over and trim the papers to the shape of the clock with a craft knife and cutting mat

·         Take the template you made and cut out the circle
·         Place this on the clock base making sure to line up 12,3,6,9 so they are level and straight
·         I placed 12,3,6,9 first, I then used the marks on the template to place the other numbers

  • I used a Black Promarker to go around the outside edge of the clock base to highlight
  •  I then put the clock handles and mechanism in place, this allowed me to see how far the hands             would reach and where my  decorations could go without being in the way

  •            I decided to use flowers and butterflies from the CWC more than words collection to embellish my clock, I attached them using silicone craft glue
  •            Last thing to do was to put a battery in and set the time

The clock could be hung using a string or stood on a cupboard.

I hope you enjoy May day Tx

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