31 March 2015

Bookfolded birdcage, tutorial number 1

Book fold Birdcage with CWC flowers.

Equipment required;
A paper back book, approx 450 numbered pages
Glue gun and glue sticks
Craftwork Cards flowers
Mini clamps

1    Remove the front and back cover of your book, I also remove any blank pages from the front and back as I like pages with words as it give my preferred look.


    Fold the top right corner of the pages towards the spine at a 45 degree angle

    Now fold the right hand edge of the page towards the spine as shown below;

Keep the folds as crisp as possible as it makes for a cleaner look, you can use a bone folder but a finger works just as good

This is what the first fold should look like

     All pages are now folded in the same way throughout the book.

The pages will start to fluff up and get in the way a bit, I find using mini clamps helps keep them out of the way a bit


When you have folded all the pages this is what you are left with.

You may find that there is a step in the folded pages and the end sticks out more than the beginning, don’t worry this will be covered and with practice you will rectify this as you folds become more precise.

Now cut a piece of ribbon approx 5inch long to use as a decorative hanging loop, I fold it in half and then twist the ends together;


Open the book where the end and beginning meet and apply some glue using the glue gun, now place the piece of hanging ribbon on the hot glue, be careful not to burn yourself.

I like to apply a thin line of glue in the join just to make sure there isn’t any gaping, then give the book a gentle squeeze.


Now it’s time to get creative and decorate, Apply ribbon to the top and bottom edge of the birdcage, fix them using hot glue.

Using the hot glue apply your flowers to cover the join in the ribbon and the seam in the book.

All that’s left now is to decide where it’s going to live or who you are going to give it to.

Good luck, Terri x


  1. Lovely... Do you make the flowers? Or do you buy them if you do can you please tell me where you get them.

    1. Hi Debbie, I buy the flowers from Craftworks Cards, they are the best I have ever used, if you google them you will find their website x

  2. Hi Terri, fab demo and thanks. Any chance you can do a demo on how to cover/back/strengthen a paper back book to do patterned book folds. I have tons of paperback books I want to use but cant! Thank you. X

    1. I will certainly have a go at putting together a demo for that and will let you know when it's done x

  3. wow how easy is this always wanted to do book folding but thought it looked too hard but your tutorial is so easy to follow am definitely going to give this a try
    Thank you for sharing


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