18 May 2017

Eight ways to achieve different looks with Altenew's Layered Medallion stencils

Morning crafty friends

When I buy a craft product I have one rule that I always stick to!

"The item must perform more than one role"

So when I saw Altenew's layered stencils I put my thinking cap on.  I knew I could stretch their use and do more with them.

Today I am going to walk you through my results from experimenting with the Layered Medallion stencils

There are 2 stencils in the set

Medallion A 

Medallion B

The stencils can be used alone or together, I wanted to play around and see how many looks I could achieve.

Look 1

This is both stencils together as they were intended. I inked through stencil A and then through B using a different ink each time. (I spritzed water on mine to distress them)

Look 2

This was Stencil A alone with one ink colour

Look 3

and Stencil B with again with one ink colour.

Look 4

Here both stencils were placed on the card at the same time, Stencil.A first and then stencil B, I then applied the ink through them at the same time.  This gives a busy pattern but I like it.

Look 5

Here I  placed Stencil B on the card and inked it up and then Stencil A and inked that - This effect doesn't really work well with tonal inks, I will have to try it with different colours. Stencil B seems to hide what stencil A created.

Look 6

Again both stencils were placed on the card together, this time I placed B first, then A on top and used just one ink colour.  I really like this effect.

Of course depending on the colours and how you apply them you can achieve even more looks

Look 7

This is both layers together as they were intended using 2 different ink colours.

Look 8

Here's a finished card I made recently, I used 4 ink colours and applied them in concentric circles.

I can see that these stencils are going to play a big part in my crafting as they are so versatile.

Maybe you'll consider adding them to your collection too.

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