10 September 2016

I brought some brushos...............

I've heard lot of people talk about Brushos previously and didn't take much notice but yesterday I went to a craft shop and saw them priced at £1.43 each and thought why not give them a try.

I only purchased 6 pots to start with as I thought I'd see how it goes.  When I got home my daughters were excited and wanted me to try them out straight away.

I decided not to remove the lids but to make a small hole in it and use it as a shaker pot. As with all my inks/pens/powders I made a little colour swatch for reference.

I decided to that the first thing to do was just sprinkle some onto wet card and see what happened.

As you can see when the powder hits the water it dilutes and bleeds, each colour is made up of  several colour pigments so when you sprinkle in this way you get to see all the variations of colour.

The pink powder has an amazing array of colours in it.

I carried on just adding colour onto my card and spritzed it if it needed it. I decided that I liked my sample so much I would use it for a background on a card.

After making my colour swatch sheet I had some colour left on my glass cutting mat and my Daughter suggested that i "smooch" a piece of card into it to pick up the colour. All that I had to hand was a die cut circle. I patted it into the colours and left it to dry.

Here's what it looks like

I really liked the grungy planet effect and thought it would look cool as a focal point on a card.

For both cards I used Halftone happy stamp and die set from Altenew.

I can see a lot of fun to be had with these coloured powders and of course I will share it all here and also on my facebook page.

T x

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