05 June 2016

Meet the maker

I thought it was about time I told you a bit more about me and my crafty journey, I might even throw in some secrets along the way.

This is me, I don''t always look like this! Sometimes my hair is greasy, I have my sloppy joes on (leggings with holes in), and I'm covered in glue, glitter and paper trimmings, but when I go out in public I try to look half decent, I wouldn't want to embarrass the kids or scare anyone now would I....

Q: Have you always been crafty?

A: No, not at all, when I was younger I wanted to be a Doctor but life dealt me a some blows and things changed. I do however remember being in Primary school and finishing my work ahead of the other children and being allowed to play with the marbleing inks and lino printing kit.  Maybe that's where I started my liking of craft.

Q: Can you describe your first handmade card?

A: Now this is funny, I was on maternity leave and surrounded by nappies and baby sick and my hubby said why dont you try crafting as a means of relaxation and me time. I went out and brought some very cheap card, shells and peel off stickers and started putting them together, they were hideous, the card was so cheap it had Bambi legs when you tried to stand it up. The shells were to   heavy and wouldn't stick very well and as for the peel offs......I'll leave you to imagine.

Q: What is your favorite craft?

A: Defiantly card making, I love papercraft of all types but like most crafters I've tried several other crafts and have a loft full of materials to show for it. I dabbled with knitting and crochet for a while but my hands and eyes didn't want to work together, so on to the next craft I went.

Q: What inspires you and your craft style?

A: I like to be individual and create what I enjoy but sometimes current trends and fashions do inspire me. I like to look at the world around me and see how colours and shapes work together. My family has always joked that I'm a hippy at heart and I guess that sometimes shows in my art.

Q: Do you always know what you're going to make before you start?

A: Sometimes I do have an idea but generally speaking I craft for fun and like to see where the mood takes me. I try not to constrict my creativity and like to have experiment. I can often be heard cursing at my project when it's not going well but at the end of the day is just a piece of paper.

Q: If you were on a dessert island and could only take 3 items from your craft room what would they be and why?

A: Good question. I would take my Hi Tack glue, that stuff is amazing it sticks just about anything to anything, oh the things I could do with it would be endless.  Next would be my scalpel to cut rope and gut fish, lol and lastly twine. I could make a net to catch fish,use it set traps or  weave a bikini.

Q: If you could have a craft related celebrity dinner party who would you invite and why?

A: Stephanie Weightman, Nancy Watt, Dean Wilson, Barbara Gray, Julie Hickey, Clare Curd and Leonie Pujol. It would be so funny, Dean would be the evening entertainment and Nancy and Stephanie's giggles would be infectious.

Q: What is your idea of the perfect craft day?

A: Endless supply of free craft goodies, a huge desk and peace and quiet.

Q: Tell us 3 facts about yourself.

A: I snort when I laugh #misspiggy, I get cranky when I haven't crafted for a while and my children think it's scary when I count in German.

Q:What is your craft dream/where do you see your crafting taking you?

A: I would love to make a decent wage from crafting, having my own company would be great. I can't imagine my future without craft playing a major role.

I hope you now know a little more about me, the person behind the blog. Check back soon for another post and more crafty fun.

Crafty Hugs T x


  1. Lovely to read a bit more about you x

  2. Great to read about you Terri. looking forward to reading your blogs x


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