10 March 2016

Tutorial 14- Distress Inks tie-dye watercolor effect (Part 1)

Thank you for joining me for another Distress Ink Tutorial, Today I am going to show you another way to use both distress ink and Craftwork Cards overlays, this time the result is a watercolour tie-dye effect.

As in my last tutorial my kit list is very much the same, 
Craftwork cards Card Overlays
Mini Distress Inks kit 1
Ink blending tool
water in a spritzer
blending mat
masking tape

This time I am using one of the square overlays which has chevron die cut elements to it

After removing the overlay from it's carrier sheet I use masking tape to attach the it to my craft mat

I then use the distress ink pads to stamp a checked pattern on to the mat, I leave some area clear of ink for added interest

Next I spritz/spray some water onto the ink

I added some masking tape to the overlay to keep all the piece together and then layed it face down into the ink and gently patted it so that it picked up some ink

I carefully picked it up and turned it over to reveal this amazing effect, It remind me of a t-shirt I once had!  This now needs to dry, but I was left with some ink on my blending mat so could make a little bonus project which I will pop on the blog too.

I will be showing you the next stages where I use this overlay and it's die cut elements to make some cards in another blog post (same title just part 2)!

Pop by again soon for more inspiration and hints and tip

T x

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