13 July 2015

Tag box......... tutorial 6

Thank you Tag Box

So it's that time of year where my girls want thank you gifts for ALL the teaching staff at school, each year I try to be a bit more savvy and save money, I decided that I would raid my crafty stash and see what I could put together.

I found some lovely thank you tags in my Craftwork cards goodies that I thought I could use as my starting block.

I used the tag as a template and cut another from a blank piece of white card and then stamped it in a pale pink and light grey using a flourish stamp 

The idea is that the 2 tags get stuck on to a mini box that will hold a gift.

I had a mini box to use but if you don't then you can make one by using my template below

I folded and glued the box with a strong glue, double sided tape wont hold!!!

I got my daughter to write her message on the rear tag before attaching them to the box

I then attached the first tag again using strong glue

Make sure the box is at the bottom of the tag so that it sits level when stood up! I then glued the rear tag on making sure both tags sat evenly.

Next I added a coordinating piece of ribbon to tie the tags together

Now it's ready for some choccy treats

Just another gazillion to make.......

I hope you'll give a try as it's super easy and effective, If you don't have a ready made box to use you will need a piece of card measuring 19x11cm

Lay your card landscape way and score at 6, 9, 15 and 18cm, then rotate 90 degrees clockwise and score at 1 and 4cm. You will need to cut and fold so that you are left with the shape below.

If you have any problems, leave me a message or pop over to my facebook page www.facebook.com/wherethecraftis  and I will give you a hand Tx

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